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Beyond ChatGPT: Miami company raises millions to bring AI tools to workplaces

Ashley Portero Apr 27, 2023

AirOps raised $7 million to deploy task-specific artificial intelligence technology to businesses in a seed funding round led by Palo Alto, California-based Wing VC.

Tools like ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot developed by OpenAI, are introducing people to the use cases for artificial intelligence, said AirOps co-founder and COO Matt Hammel. But workplaces still don't have a convenient way to take advantage of the emerging technology.

"Most people are still struggling to figure out how to use AI to help solve their hardest problems at work,” he said.

AirOps solves that challenge by helping users find and customize AI apps designed to address the needs of their company. That could include extracting insights from data, generating personalized content and automating tasks.

The Miami startup leverages language models GPT-3, GPT-4 and AI assistant Claude to optimize its performance.

Companies such as vacation rental platform Gather Vacations, human resources software firm Bambee and e-learning website Daisie are already using AirOps to streamline their workflows. Founded in 2022, the startup is currently in beta mode.

AirOps will use the seed funding to build out its products, hire new employees and grow its customer base, according to a news release. It's unclear when it expects to complete the testing phase and officially launch the software. A representative did not immediately return the Business Journal's request for comment.

The popularity of ChatGPT and AI images generators like OpenArt has set off a funding frenzy for artificial intelligence companies. Although venture capital funding plummeted across the U.S. last quarter, generative AI startups still managed to attract $1.7 billion across 46 deals, according to data from Pitchbook.

Large companies are also directing resources to AI. This week global professional services network PwC revealed it plans to invest $1 billion to scale its artificial intelligence portfolio, with a focus on redesigning business workflows with generative AI.

“Widespread adoption of ChatGPT has created a tremendous opportunity for builders like the AirOps team to create AI-powered applications that have the [potential] to revolutionize and automate workplace operations," said Wing VC Partner Zach DeWitt. "AirOps is helping businesses go beyond the limits of ChatGPT."

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