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Startup School: GenAI

4-weeks of live, hands-on classes led by Google experts who will teach you how to build chat apps, agents and bots using Gemini

Google Cloud has been at the forefront of AI innovation for over two decades, seamlessly integrating AI into its core operations. We recently announced Gemini, our most capable and general model yet which represents one of the biggest science and engineering efforts we’ve undertaken as a company. We can’t wait to show you how Gemini can help your business at Startup School!

For this edition we’re going to take your gen AI knowledge to the next level and take you on a learning journey as our experts show you how to build AI agents that can streamline and optimize tasks, saving your business valuable time and money.

Together we’ll learn to leverage our generative AI products and solutions on Vertex AI, including Gemini, across a number of focus areas, including:

  • Multimodality: Using text, images & videos with Gemini 1.5

  • Connectivity: Integrate databases & APIs with Function Calling

  • Agent Design: Build custom agents with Vertex AI and Firebase

  • Workflows: Orchestrate agents with LangChain

  • Productionization: Orchestration and scaling of agents


This is a global training series that will be hosted live with 2 options for each class: either EMEA / AMER or APAC / EMEA friendly.

Select the time for each class that works best for you and add the event to your calendar. Content is the same for each class. If you change your mind about which class you want to attend, there is no need to unregister from your original choice. Simply select the new class time you wish to attend and add it to your calendar.

Class times:

AMER / EMEA classes will be at: 6pm GMT+1 / 10am PDT / 1 pm EDT

EMEA / APAC classes will be at: 9am GMT+1 / 1:30pm IST / 4pm SGT / 5pm KST/JST

Note: Participants should have basic familiarity with (Python or JavaScript), Vertex AI, and Firebase from Week 2 onwards.

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