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Learn. Build. Scale. 

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We believe that all communities regardless of economic status should have the opportunity to learn, build, scale, taking risks, and be the catalyst for their own success

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.........working together with the community we serve to delivery programs to help shift the current economic disparities and deliver sustainable outcomes that boost entrepreneurship. 

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Dr. Lascelle A. Sweetland, Founder of iLab Startup Foundation

"Our passion is solely to create ecosystems and environments where the lives of many can be impacted, where individuals may find empowerment and to experience a transformation that will occur through hope, technology, innovation, and training that will provide economic opportunities creating sustainable generational changes."
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About the Director

As the iLabStartup Foundation Corporation's Founding Director, Dr. Lascelle Sweetland is responsible for the thought leadership and execution of the iLabStartup vision and strategy while also working closely with the day-day management team to maintain all operations at the site. To achieve this vision, he must partner closely with the program leadership that operate in the region to enable their priorities while extending into additional regional opportunities, expanding into new and diverse talent pools, and enhancing the technical capability of the iLabStartup. As the iLabStartup Founding Director he engages in effectively building relationships and develop partnerships externally in the region with industry, academia, and community leadership to enable innovation and grow the impact of iLabStartup clients.

New York State Regional Incubator For Sustainable M/WBE Capacity Building Project
Contract Period (2022 - 2024)

Expanding Certified NYS MWBEs economic vitality and generational wealth building.  Provide growth-oriented M/EBE certified construction service and construction consulting firms with intensive business training  and technical assistance to achieve and sustain accelerated growth. Strategies to Increase the Participation

Rates for Minority and Women Entrepreneurs.

Curriculum Development and Delivery.

Urban League of Broward County Entrepreneurship Center Ubiz Co -Lab
Contract Period (2020-2022)

The Urban League of Broward County, in partnership with SunTrust and MasterCard launched of the UBIZ Co- Lab, a initiative designed to stimulate sustainable small business growth in targeted economically challenged communities. This initiative aimed to provide minority-owned businesses premium business development services to increase revenue and position them to scale. The initiative was designed to stimulate sustainable small business growth. Increase revenue and position them to scale. 

Miami Dade College Business Entrepreneurship Development Project 
Contract Period (2022 -Current)

The Business Entrepreneurship Project is designed to teach undergraduate students how to develop businesses and commercialize products and services in the domestic and global marketplace and lay the foundation for a future generation of entrepreneurial leaders and innovators that will help strengthen U.S. Global competitiveness, job creation, and the overall U.S. economy.


Tasked to promote entrepreneurship, general economic development, and innovation at the undergraduate level.

Florida Atlantic University and SBDC Entrepreneurship/
Small Business Success Initiative
Contract Period (2021 - 2022)

The Small Business Success Initiative provides four (4) initiatives helping business start, grow, and succeed in the groups

of individuals or businesses, we currently serve.

Focusing on the four (4) initiatives, with a minimum of ten (10) participants each,

to assist Broward and Palm Beach residents who desire to start up a small business

or accelerate the growth of an existing businesses.

The Industrial Business Leadership Program
Contract Period (2020 -2022)

Industrial Business Leadership Program is tailored to address the unique needs and opportunities of Hunts Point’s small businesses. When they are currently in the midst of adapting to change, pursuing growth or looking a head to succession, the IBLP will empower and guide leaders to create thriving and resilient businesses in the South Bronx/Hunts Point region of the Bronx.

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It doesn’t cost anything to be a member, but when you donate, you help us take on more winning campaigns, launch more strategic initiatives, develop entrepreneurship programming, and go after opportunities to make a difference in growing our startup ecosystem.  

Join our efforts as we bring the Startup Ecosystem together to build a collaborative, inclusive, and value-adding ecosystem of gravity with a strong focus on what it will take to make South Florida a true regional hub for entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic development.

iLab Startup Foundation
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